client: Nikon Europe (commisioned by Solved)

project: design of new headquarter interior including demo and technical areas.

surface: 2250 m2

location: Amstelveen, the Netherlands

With the workplace concept drawn up by Solved as a foundation, we were able to create a comfortable and connecting working environment that perfectly matches Nikon's high brand standards and offers a wide variety of types of spaces for every type of work.

By not aligning all the facades of the offices, meeting rooms and concentration rooms, and integrating the central stairwell into the design we were able to create a very spatial experience.

We reused a lot of furniture and made as many sustainable choices throughout the project as we could.

Nikon: "With our new office, we wanted to bring the people of Nikon together. By offering a hybrid working environment, there is much more flexibility and dynamism in the workplace, which contributes to collegiality."

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